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Sunday, May 9, 2010

not wild anymore

Ok, I finally got a chance to post an update on the progress with my little mustang mare.

That's her in the top two photos on the left. These photos were taken during the first few days under saddle. Believe it or not, her calm, laid back look is the norm. She has turned out to be a great little mare this soon after not being handled at all since she was born seven years ago. No wait, she's eight now. I rode her nearly every day through out the summer and fall, anywhere from a couple hours a day to all daylong and stand tied through the night while we camped out on the creek bank. It just don't matter to her. She is an all around easy little mare. I didn't ride or work with her much during the winter and once the weather warmed up a bit, I rode for a couple hours and it was like I hadn't missed a day. I am so proud of how she turned out. She definately has her daddy's heart and smarts. She is a great trail horse. She also has enough attitude to be a great little cow horse as well. For an example, I took the loppers back and trimmed limbs off the trails on her. With foot and leg cues I could put her anywhere I needed her, to reach the limbs, and she would stand for me to lean out, over, around and under her. She didn't care, she would stand there and munch leaves and toss around the limbs to get the leaves off. I pulled cedar fence posts I had cut, out to the trail with her a time or two. My son and I rode back in the woods with the ax and loppers to cut some posts and clear some more limbs from the trails, and she did great. It would be nice if all horses were so well inclined and dis-positioned. But then again, I would much rather start a horse that has never been touched, than to have to go back to the very beginning and start from scratch to fix someone elses screw ups and have to deal with whatever tramas inflicted on that horse caused by someone elses stupidity. By nature, horses are prey animals and instictively afraid of everything. But to be dreadfully afraid of humans or their actions... Or, on the other hand, violent towards humans due to someone elses stupidity...
Personally, I would much rather form a bond of trust and respect as opposed to fear or malice with an animal that out weighs me by a good thousand pounds.
Sorry, I just fail to see any other logic.